Introducing Fractionators EDU

Introducing our newest fractions app, Teachley Fractionators, for 4th -6th grade students.


Teachley: Fractionators EDU, created for schools, is a fun and playful set of puzzles that helps students learn about fractions, fractions operations, and fractions equivalence.

Students explore different worlds, meet fractions creatures (fractionators), and solve puzzles. Strong visuals help deepen students’ understanding of fractions as they combine fractionators to create a new ones.

Designed by teachers, Fractionators covers 4th and 5th grade Common Core, TEKS, and other state fractions standards, including understanding fractions equivalence and using equivalence to add fractions.


Teachley: Fractionators is the third fractions app developed by Teachley with funding from the National Science Foundation.


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See the app in action!

Dana Pagar