Introducing Fractions Boost 2

Introducing Fractions Boost 2

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest math app, Fractions Boost 2 EDU (TFB2). A follow-up to our award-winning Fractions Boost EDU, TFB2 covers all 4th grade fractions standards (with the exception of word problems).

Set in a 3D water world, students collect coins as they race through different water worlds. The app has 18 levels, covering:

  • Fractions greater than 1
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators
  • Comparison of fractions with landmark numbers (½ and 1)
  • Equivalence of fractions with non-compatible denominators and non-compatible numerators
  • Multiplication of fractions by whole numbers
  • Comparison of decimals and decimal fractions
  • Decimal addition

TFB2 also has a Track Builder, where students and teachers can build their own tracks to play and share. Built in mini-lessons appear if students need extra support.


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Dana Pagar