Getting Started with your Teachley Pilot

Getting Started with your Teachley Pilot

Welcome to your Teachley pilot! Here's a checklist to make sure we get your pilot up and running as quickly as possible. We hope you and your students love Teachley!

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Step 1) Is your account activated?


It's possible the activation email went to SPAM, so be sure to check this folder if it's not in your inbox.

If you can't find the email, go to the Login Page/"Forget Password" and create a password as another way to activate your account.



Step 2) Have you created a class?

Login to your dashboard at or in the Teachley Connect app to add your students and their photos (optional). 



Step 3) Have you Downloaded Teachley Connect and the FRee EDU apps?

You'll need the Teachley Connect app on ALL of your classroom iPad devices. Click here to learn more about each app and for download links. 



Step 4) Did you Login to the Teachley Connect app on each classroom iPad?

Teachley Connect app


Once logged into Teachley Connect the EDU apps will automatically sync with your class list and save student progress. Note: You only need to login once on each iPad.


Have students play then check your dashboard to see how students are doing!



Still need help troubleshooting? Check out our FAQ or email us for support at

Haven't started a pilot? Sign up now!

Dana Pagar