Avoiding Summer Slide

Summer giveaways

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Ahhh, summer... late afternoons splashing in the lake or pool, playing in parks with friends, building sand castles, spending time on hobbies. While there are so many things to love about summer, the very real summer slide students experience is not one of them.

Don't worry! Teachley is here to help. 

Here are some resources to share with families as your students embark on summer vacation:

1) Summer math practice. We've made several different math packets you can send home with your students for extra math practice over the long summer months. Click below to download these free resources.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions

2) Teachley apps for home use. Did you know our apps are available for home use too? Parents can download the non-EDU versions of our apps for $3.99 per app on the iPad or download a discounted bundle at bit.ly/TeachleyApps.


3) Printable math games. Here are some easy ways for families to reinforce basic math fact fluency at home, while having fun.

       Bingo: Single-Digit AdditionMulti-digit AdditionMultiplicationDivision

       Multiplication Make-a-Square

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